Week 1 Update

So far the campaign is really kicking some a$$, we’ve raised 25% of the goal in a week with 22 days left to hit $5000. So many rockin’ people have my back and the future is looking bright! “It’s Not Like Anyone’s Listening” is now in the trusting hands of Sooper Dooper Duplications as week 1 of the campaign comes to a close (we got all the material to them just in time). It’s exciting to look back at the many laborious hours and realize my first album is actually happening!

So to celebrate, we’re hosting back-to-back release parties on April 28th at The Frequency in downtown Madison and Rock Central in Lake Geneva on the 29th. Rock Central is where I got my start with music, so it’s awesome that I get the chance to hold this huge career milestone there. My good friends in Hott Ttarget share the stage with me in Madison and Jackson Mankowski opens up the Rock Central party. Friends, family, family of friends, friends of family and strangers are all welcome, but tickets are limited and selling fast! Tickets to both shows are $10, $8 if you order in advance.

For me these aren’t just shows, but the first time my very first album meets the public and I’d love to be able to share the memory with you 🙂 and I can’t say it enough, thank you for taking part in this project



Album Release Show:
Apr 28 @ The Frequency


Album Release Show:
Apr 29 @ Rock Central
(Lake Geneva)

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